Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ack! it is the 18th already!

and i do mean ACK! i have so many things on the burners that need to be finished by the next few weeks so i don't get bogged down. i start to get that panicky feeling i hate so much if i let the projects just sit there staring at me for too long! i am waiting for some jewelry findings in the mail so hopefully those will come tonight so i can finish up all the pendants i have on the line, and also to take pictures. i have some cute new earrings ready to go, and i have some buttons that need finishing as well. not to mention the elephant patches. ACK! after this post i feel a self-imposed internet moratorium coming. i am going to revisit my shipping on my website tonight for sure, and until etsy does batch editing on the shipping profiles i am leaving those as they are. there is no way i am going through 50 listings to edit anything.

the weather here is COLD. it was damp and rainy for the past few days, but the temp was a shock to my system and i am just goose pimply inside the house which i hate. i also hate not being able to locate any of my warmer clothes in the clothes black hole in our room. basically i could use a good shopping session for some new basics. jeans, some sweaters and long-sleeved stuff comes to mind. and socks. i don't think i can find A sock much less a pair for both feet! yup, i need to go shopping before too long. if you blink it will be fall and all are saying this will be a cold, wetter winter than in the past and i thought last winter was cold and wet! i also heard more snow in the forecast. yay! as long as i am warm i love it...but i don't want to skip fall. i am actually looking forward to it coming. :)