Friday, September 07, 2007

featured in seattle picks!

ah good news to find on a friday for never felt better: i was featured in seattle's picks!

looks like i have gotten some good hits already and from the last time i was in the portland picks, i should expect some good things to come of it!

i have been silent for chatty-cathy me these last few days, but i am just trying to get organized and focused while balancing family stuff. it was my daughters first day back at the free school this last weds and we are just adjusting to that plus trying to keep the little one busy with activities here at home and out and about. so, with a routine in place and some small projects on the line (minus the one the dog got a hold of...darnit!) i am mildly busy and very busy at the same time if that is humanly possible! it comes in waves :)

more updates with to come....