Thursday, September 20, 2007

p is for pendants

just finished listing some new pendants after sending out the custom order. i have about 20 more on the line to be soldered tonight but i want to fiddle around with my lino-block a little this afternoon first.

other than that, the homemade potpourri i made this morning from orange peels, a cinnamon stick and some vanilla is really making me hungry! i think it is the vanilla. but i forgot how nice a simmering potpourri can be :) i urge you to make one now.

i am still FREEZING in here. seriously i talked about getting a half cord of wood and i am not joking. this old house just HOLDS the cold. if i was smart i would get some padding for the windows as unsightly as that is, but it is necessary. this window to the back yard i sit in front of now chills me out every year and i can see the breezy air come through the rickety frame. it is like that in every single window. brrrr. it is supposed to get to 70 but it is around 60 in this house or less. COLD! our next house will be energy efficient--as renters we are at the mercy of our situation. but hopefully if we move to a bigger house next we can make sure it has better insulation, both with windows and doors but also in the attic. *chatters teeth*. i need to go find some socks! :)