Friday, September 14, 2007

dinner smells so good

i can't believe they haven't made smell-o-vision computer style yet. shawn is making 'carrot-top' soup from a vegetarian cookbook by lindsey wagner. did you know the bionic woman was a veg? now you do.

i spent all morning making pendants, some for a custom order some for the site. i would like to make some stamped patches tomorrow of my little elephant and ginko on these fantastico vintage swatches of men's shirts, i think. lots of cotton pinstriping and dots. but with a decidedly men's ware feel. very cute. my mom found a treasure trove of stuff at an estate sale, including a couple pounds of vintage buttons. unbelievably cute vintage buttons! upon closer inspection the plastic flowers that are stackable are in a kit that is supposed to make swizzle sticks or buttoneers it said. i will have to take a picture of that box because it is retro-rific. i mean, swizzle sticks? hell yes!