Wednesday, September 19, 2007

hello fall!

i have been cleaning up the kitchen (aka my workspace) this morning and decided to make some buttons with these new cabs i got. i like the menswear look of it. feels very fall to me. and speaking of fall--i am still freezing my ass off! if i had some wood i would burn it in wood-burning stove. the front part of the house is shaded which is great for the summer, but for the winter the room stays frigidly cold until i break down and put the heater on. i think we will get another 1/2 cord of wood delivered and have some cozy fall nights. the squirrels in the back yard are doing double duty gathering up stuff for their nests--and the dogs are driving me crazy at the glass door whining to get out at them. leave those poor little critters alone, dogs! they try to catch them but the squirrels win every time.

off to go clean up some more and play with the little one!