Wednesday, July 07, 2010

*vegan food is love*

they say compassion begins on your plate, and they would be correct. but i will say the passion and love that got someone to go get the ingredients needed for what another someone is craving, come home and make & serve it to said craving person....well....that is really special.

yesterday it was biscuits and gravy. after hearing me grumble about not having the things to make what i was craving, the mr. ran down to the coop and grabbed some ingredients. then shawn quietly whipped up some daiya cheesy biscuits and a delicious tempeh gravy with a side of mixed greens. gimme a heavy plate of home-made down-home grub any day over anything. my breakfast turned into a delicious brunch and afternoon snack, too :)

now if i can get melissa to offer biscuits and gravy as a staple on her menu i would truly be in vegan heaven when we open in the fall. crisp mornings with a heapin' bowl of B-n-G is totally what i am talking about. {working above a vegan cafe will have it's total advantages. there is nothing worse than working out where there is NO FOOD. all i will have to do is sashay downstairs for vegan-goodness and coffee. lots and lots of coffee. should i pinch myself? am i dreaming? lol}

speaking of never felt better, i have made my first orders for stock! sneaky peaks coming later on...really cute stuff for sure. it's a lot of work, kinda like a full time job LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL i crack me up. everyone has been so nice, and positive for us. that is what matters, at the end of the day. i also am working on a website revamp from the same gals over at aeolidia. if i can pull off the cost, it will be a very, VERY nice upgrade. {i am in the wrong business...web design is crazy expensive!}

happy weds and i hope you are working toward some of your goals today too. it's supposed to be a cooler day, only lower 90's at best so right there it's working out for me big time. {my sympathies to my east coast friends...this heat wave is no laughing matter. and imagine wearing a fur coat during it all! don't forget about the animals, too. everyone hydrate!}