Thursday, July 01, 2010

*can see clearly now...*

new glasses, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
wow got my new glasses {love them in their cute shape, red color and little blingbling happening...} and everything is just so much crisper. lol.

so i say to myself, "self, let's start cracking on the business plan. you know the one you need to produce to the landlord? you know, the one you need to have handy for a legitimate business if you ever need to borrow more money etc etc? yeah. THAT ONE. get going and get it done!"

now that i have no more excuses {my wrist aches, my head aches, my shoulder aches...} and am feeling good i compiled what info i had up to now in the first draft. sent it to a few people to review to see if i make any lick of sense {or not}. waiting for feedback.

shawn is home helping me with getting stuff done again--i love his swing shifts when he works them. so far he has run to the post office, target and entertained jasper while i tip-type out our potential future on paper. gotta love him for being supportive.  {whadda guy.  any help is appreciated, even at the smallest level! seriously. extracting what's in my head onto paper with this thyroid induced brain fog is some kind of feat, but i think the last med change is working because i *feel* better than a few months ago.  huzzah for little victories!}