Monday, July 05, 2010

*happy 4th!*

fountain, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
it's the same every year: i am a 4th of july hater until later in the afternoon when the grill gets fired up, and then i cave and go get a few key fireworks for the girls. who can resist some sparklers and some fountains, hmmmm? i guess it's like that for most holidays and me, i disassociate the meaning of the holiday with all the bells and whistles and get sucked in. {who doesn't like lighting shit on fire and watching it blow up and burn?}

yesterday, shawn went on a mini-skate tour of northern california with some friends and the girls and i cleaned up and swam leisurely all day until he got back. {he can't swim he just got a new tattoo, which i love btw.}

i had some time to clear out my head and when i did my dream team vendor list grew by a few names. i mentally flipped through the pantone catalog and picked out some colors for the walls and featured where the furniture and fixtures are going to go. if you can visualize it, you can do it, right? :) we did some business scoping on saturday night: ducked out to check out the non-2nd saturday night scene at the cafe and there was quite bit of foot traffic, happily. the golden bear was bumping before 10 and rick's desert diner {for the over 50 set, apparently. for as long as i have lived in sacramento i have never known a soul who ate there. unless you needed a place to take your out of town elderly gramma or something...} was busy, which is a good sign. i saw groups of touristy folks leave there, cross the street and look intrigued by the cozy outside and warm glow of the fairy lights of sugar plum vegan cafe...maybe we can turn some ricks-folks out to veganism with some good ol' fashioned outreach. people don't know what they are eating, you know? :) information is power! cruelty is not delicious, creamy or sweet. ahimsa IS.

happy monday!