Saturday, July 10, 2010

*mental health day*

flowers, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
i am so ditching vending at 2nd saturday so i can experience some 2nd saturday with the family. it's all good--i called in and everything and some lucky bastard on the waiting list is going to have their day made. it's a win-win situation in my book. {i do what i can...}

along with sleeping in, so far this day has consisted of flax pancakes, fresh flowers, farmers market produce, fresh-from-my-own-garden produce, vegan tamales, swimming and family time. {i can't really complain. it's my kind of mental health day.}

behind the scenes it's trying to decide on two colors that will compliment the rooms, the dark wood floors and brightening factors of the new space. this takes more time than i thought. {actually that is a lie, i know exactly how long it takes. i can't make up my mind on the two rooms that need painting here at our house, never getting past the staring at paint chips stage. but, since painting the new spot is mandatory i think i will coordinate the two with the leftover paint from the shop IN the house as well and cut two carrots with one knife. GENIUS.} so far i have narrowed it down to a couple, three combos. plus i need an accent color or two for other things that need to be painted, like shelves. somehow i have to spruce up a standing vintage brass spinner that would perfect for the vegan held belts i am going to carry. i can't decide to paint or bring back the brass color, it's pretty rusted. {oh, if all my decisions were this hard: do i PAINT the display spinner or leave it natural? haha}

i can't wait to start previewing what's to come! the few things i have bought for the shop are nothing less than AWESOME and i feel like things are coming together, which is welcome. {this is really happening!}

happy saturday! i hope you are having your own version of a mental health day, whatever that may be. {peace}