Thursday, July 15, 2010

*sweet holy cucumber*

sweet holy cucumber, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
{warning this is the post in which i drone on and on about a cucumber.}

today is double digits, and i kind of spaced on the garden thinking the soaking last night would last. {it didn't i had wilty everything...tsk tsk tsk on me.} when usually the cucumber leaves are like huge umbrellas and i have to hunt for the cuc's which is part of the fun, some extra wilty leaves led this *thing* to catch my eye.  tucked among the vines of the watermelon plants,  it's gotta be the biggest cucumber i have ever seen, and i thought the others harvested were big ones already!

man, i should have known and entered this bad boy in our fair--i think i would have a ribbon winner on my hands--literally.

enjoy my cucumber freakazoid. i know i am TOTALLY tickled pink over the mere sight...but i think i am 75% 12 yr. old boy. ha!

{you were warned about the prattling about a cucumber, so i don't wanna hear it!}

in NFB news, i am totally stoked to have a GANG of herbivore tee shirts en route. also, there will be held vegan belts, lollibomb bath and body, bread and badger {etched with vegan logos} pint glasses, and so so so much more. it's crazy! CRAZY i tell you! that was just a sneaky peek. {there will be many, many more of those...that i can promise.}

happy thursday and i hope you have some crazy weekend plans that will make me jealous as all hell. enjoy :)