Tuesday, July 20, 2010

*never a dumb question*

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here, in q&a format are a few questions asked recently in real life and via the internet about what the hell we are doing. :)

{for those just tuning in shawn and me are going to open an all vegan shop above sugar plum vegan cafe in midtown sacramento. the name is never felt better {vegan shop}. the website will be redirected to a new url and is getting a spruce job to reflect the new direction . i am really excited and distracted so i am going to try extra hard to keep blogging through the process! it ought to be fun!}

Q: you are going to have a store with all your handmade stuff in it?
A: no, my personal line of accessories will be available {i still gotta craft, yo!}, but i am so lucky to know so many talented people filling a store up with cruelty free and cute as hell stuff won't be too hard. not only will we carry handmade one of a kind goods for men and women, we will also do some vegan grocery staples, cookbooks and other household things that every self-respecting vegan should have ;p

Q: do you buy from only vegans?
A: i wish, but of course not silly. some are, some aren't. some of my good friends are omni's. and most of the crafters and artists are personal friends of mine so if i could turn out just one of them who isn't already i would consider that a personal triumph. HINT HINT HINT, personal friends!

Q: you called yourself the "vegan gift shop". are you kidding me?
A: no. i kid you not. i predict when you are done snarfing up some sugar plum vegan food you will come up the stairs and buy yourself a commemorative herbivore clothing company tee shirt, lollibomb "me so honey" vegan massage oil and a bag of eco-planet cheezy crackers because that's how you roll.

Q: what will i find in your store, really?
A: awesomeness. pure awesomeness. but keep in mind that the awesomeness you will find at my shop will be devoid of animal cruelty and suffering making it awesomeX10. so, vegan women's and mens clothing, accessories like buttons, belts and hair stuff, animal and AR related jewelry, animal companion accessories and v-dog food. bath and body stuff such as soaps, lotions and fragrance, vegan cookbooks-books-zines, paper goods and grocery and snaky items.

Q: will vegetarians be welcome?
A: everyone is welcome. especially veggies! although they will have to sign an enforceable promissory note to fully convert to veganism or they can only look through the window. LOL JUST KIDDIN'. {or am i? mwahahahahaha} putting all seriousness aside, these items are 100% vegan and 100% suitable for EVERYONE.

Q: i thought you were going to change your name?
A: i thought so, too. i think we are going to keep the other name we were tossing around for shawn's sustainable vegan skateboard company LOL. {our next business venture!}

Q: you have been saying you were going to get the vegan cookzine done for the past two years. what's the hold up?
A: life, laziness, shawn going gluten free and us having to redo some of our family classics. but don't think we have forgotten it, and it will come out in print soon. oh yes, it will be. no excuses...

Q: what's the new website info?
A: that is TBA. check back for more info, and like i said i will be photo documenting our process of before and after to the shop and sneak peak merchandise here on this blog. check back for more info soon.

so, that concludes the question and answer portion of the blog. :) i am certain i forgot some important information, but for a gal who is writing through a class 3 migraine i think got what i need out.

happy tuesday!