Saturday, October 06, 2007

some new pendants

what did i do on my friday night? soldered. didn't get everything done like i wanted to, i think my iron is about to crap out--i need a temperature gauge to maintain the proper heat. it kept cooling down and making it hard to get a good flow. mreh. i think i have to make a trip to the stained glass supply store and price out how much it would cost to replace what i have.

this morning, i fought with the fire and it won by not staying lit. we have to take a trip to home depot for a new filter for our heater anyway so i will pick up a small bundle of wood until we can have some delivered. not too many listings on craigslist this year yet, so we will have to make due. i don't want to have to run the heater yet, but it was tempting this morning. CHILLY stuff. the fire took the chill out of the air, and went out late enough so we got some benefit from it. we need an axe, too to split logs that are too big. that may be some of the problem--too large of pieces and not enough smaller tinder. either way we have to deal with it soon. like right now! *shivers*

pretty soon we will take our trip out to the pumpkin patch. i love that so much--the fresh veggies at the general store, eating corn on the cob, picking out the pumpkin, riding the tractor to the outskirts of the patch for the perfect pumpkin. LOVE it.