Tuesday, October 09, 2007

lino block reprazentn!

i got a new account up in seattle's sidecar pigs for peace, washington's only vegan grocery. so, i am coming up with some new vegan themed stuff for them and beyond (if i can scrape up the funds for veganfest i would love to vend there again in november for sure, but it is looking bad at the moment). i made my first attempt at text today on a lino block and it turned out great. i used my font from my website, and i will make some patches, bookmarks and scarves with the patches on them for them to choose from. i think those are great, gifty and can be made again and again for them. the red ink was just my first try to see if the lines were good, and this afternoon i am running over to the craft store for some fabric ink/paint for the patches. i am really excited! this was just the kick in the butt for me, i have been kinda up in the air about stuff this last weekend--poor sales (but lots of hits and stuff in people's carts on the site so that is good that they are at least LOOKING right now, right?) and general lack of fundage for things is getting me down. but i do believe i am on the up and up :)