Thursday, October 04, 2007

cooking follies in the nfb kitchen :)

had a huge craving for caramel dip for my apples late yesterday afternoon so therefor i whipped up some vegan caramel which turned out totally delicious if i don't say so myself!

other than that i cleaned up outside: sweeping and raking some leaves from the porches that are getting tracked in. there was even a leaf in my tub...i think the cat carried it in there. note to self: next house must have a mud room! the one thing i hate most about the wet winters is that there is no place to shake off the cold and water when you enter my house. blech...i don't even know why they bothered to carpet the little entryway.

i crocheted a little during ghost hunters but that was it. not feeling so inspired at the moment for new projects, but i do have some pendants wrapped and ready for soldering i really ought to get around to tonight at the latest. everyone is feeling a little blah over here...wonder if we are fighting off a bug. :(