Monday, October 29, 2007

reverse it

extreme close up of the reversed colors of my newest scarf. today i am cleaning up after the weekend and also starting on a custom order of scarflettes. only three to start but hopefully more will be needed soon. i also got the information on my first trunk show at motokitty today, i will have the dates as they come but i love the idea and hope that if paired with the right person (two artists per night) it would be a great and cozy event. as this month grinds to a halt and i look forward to november i see that i better get thinking about the shows sooner than later. there would be no less than two in november, thankfully at the end of the month. so i have time, i just know me and how i like to uh...procrastinate. :)

anyway i am also making a vampire bite cake and cupcakes for the school and home. it is a simple and fun idea (i can't remember where i saw it to give credit but it is out there somewhere!) where you frost the cake white and put two 'puncture wounds' with the red gel bleeding out for blood. i love this idea and hell if the trashy accidentally vegan vanilla frosting wasn't on sale today so i bulked up on it and cupcake papers. so even if you don't have kids make yourself something sweet and trashy for halloween, ok?