Thursday, October 18, 2007

peaceful pig

i made a cutie pie block last night during ghost hunters :) and tried out the print on these little moleskine journals. she us holding a laurel branch. i made some for myself, too. i mean i NEVER have personal paper to write on with these two girls. i go through printer paper like crazy because *someone* sneaks them for her comic book. anyway, so it would be great to have some thing to write on in the car and in my bag. jotting down ideas on the back of receipts gets a bit old, you know?

today is weird. it is cold (the heater finally kicked on thank god), but still. and all the weather forecasts are saying windstorm of the century this afternoon so i keep looking out the window to see when the shit is going to start flying around. unfortunately for me it will be about the time i have to get to the school for a big meeting. should be interesting, there is an emergency over internet usage and video games. i can't wait to weigh in on that one!