Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i updated my websites banner today. now, this was no small feat. i had to contact the web designers to see where in the hell i even started. i had to go deep into the programming, but now that i see where that all is kept on the server it isn't such a mystery. i don't know why it is showing up so small here, but it is full sized on the site. anyway, i like it. it was an hour pain in my ass but i am pleased that i know just *a little* more about web design that i knew this morning! that ftp or whatever was just a tad confusing to the untrained person. :) just a tad. ha. feel free to visit and tell me what you think.

let's see, what else. oh if you are in the portland oregon area here is where you can find me in november and december:

November 2007~

11/16/07 - 6:00pm to 9pm
11/17/07 – 11am to 5pm
The Pretty Girl Holiday Sale
The Pretty Girl Holiday Sale is in its ninth year of featuring all
local artists and designers selling a wide variety of handmade art and
gifts for all. A small portion of sales will be for the benefit of The
Egg art collective where the sale is located.

The Egg, 534 SE Oak Street (at Grand and 6th)
Portland OR

village free school craft bazaar
The Village Free School (a non-profit, private school that creates a
self-directed and democratic learning environment for students ages
K-12 - visit www.villagefreeschool.org).

Liberty Hall, located at 311 N. Ivy (one
block south of Fremont, one and a half blocks west of Vancouver)

December 2007~

12/2/07 – 12pm to 5pm
I Heart Indie Holiday
I Heart Indie Holidays is committed to remaining true to the ideals of
the DIY Revolution! We strive to unite the NW crafting community as
well as give NW customers even more reasons and opportunities to shop
We've set aside a casual men's TV area in the upstairs balcony so the
guys don't get caught in the crush of the holiday shopping frenzy!
While relaxing in the balcony, stop by the "all-ages bar" for juice,
soda, hot cider, or hot chocolate!

The Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell
Portland, OR 97212

12/09/07 – 12pm to 5pm
Rebel Rabbit Craft Fair
Come shop for handmade gifts by local indie designers. Buying handmade
for the holidays is way more fun than fighting mall crowds any day.

Location: Hipbone Studio, 1847 E. Burnside

12/22/07 – 8am to 4pm
PDX Etsy's Winter Solstice Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Sale!
PDX Etsy Street Team gathers at PSU along side of the Winter Solstice
Farmers Market for a last minute Holiday SALE! Sponsored by the PSU
Women's Studies Department.

PSU Smith Center Ballroom/ next to Farmer's Market


there is one more place i will be showing, more info to come on that. a couple years ago i did a gallery exhibit for wearable art in sacramento. it was weird, i sold a bunch of little felt pins like burnt toast and crazed bunnies. but this year they have a wearable art/glass catagory and my glass pendants would be perfect. :) i love having my stuff in sacto, but not *actually* having to be there. what a great trade off!