Friday, May 18, 2007

some new necklaces and earrings

i am just getting around to listing these earrings from last week! and i found the cutest little metal tools i made into necklaces, too. lets hope some sales happen over the weekend! :)

i hope to spend some quality time with mr. nfb...he clocked in over 20 hours of overtime on this check and i miss him! so we are going to check out a new-to-us place to eat tonight and try and have some quality time!

then, hopefully since it may be a little stormy this weekend, i can get caught up on stuff around the house and some projects i have on the burners. i still am hoping to get some stained glass materials: but it just may have to wait a week or two. mreh :( but i do have a *few* unfinished projects going on that i could do first...that will keep me more than busy for a while!