Wednesday, May 02, 2007

one can never have too many buttons, or hairpins!

i am actually cleaning up my workspace today and took time out to make a few more things: pinback button and hairpin sets in matching vintage fabric. only have two so far, but i have to get back to cleaning more than i need to be pressing buttons! i found a secret stash of button parts i did not know i had so i can make a few for give-aways and for the upcoming shows. i felt like a dork not having much to slip into packages as a 'thankyou' and buttons always fit the bill! :)
i poured some plaster of paris into the new mold i got and it is drying--it is pretty chilly in here and humid so i suspect it will be days for it to be bone dry and ready for painting. i am really excited, i like the idea of making an wall-art piece and being able to interpret day of the dead in the never felt better style is very cool!