Tuesday, May 15, 2007

morning essential

i will be making some more coffee/pint glass cozies this week. i am using one right now that i made for my favorite pint glass (i drink coffee out of it so the cozy was very much needed! ouchy hot glass is no fun!). this one was made from a vintage towel, so it can sop up any glass sweat, spills and comfortably protect your hands from cold or heat. it is kind of like a sweatband for your glass. ha!

ALSO: i am trying to drum up some sales on neverfeltbetterbyjen.com, so i can buy some stained glass supplies. i have two promos running right now on livejournal and myspace (you could use either one of those codes for 10% your total). i have pretty much everything i need, minus some glass pieces and some copper foil. i would like to make some mini mobiles for the window in stained glass free form. ones that suction cup to the glass or hang from a pretty chain. but yeah, i need some supplies for all that and since stained glass is on the list of things to do before i die, it actually has meaning behind it! :)