Thursday, July 25, 2013

PMA flags

i got my special package from my cousin jes today, and it was just as i imagined it would be:  awesome.  and it looks amazing swaggin' on my front window.

she even made it say "vegan" and "compassion".  nice!

so right now, i am taking a union break from getting ready to jet up to the grand old pnw back home to portland, oregon for a friend's sure to be gorge wedding!  shawn is in high heaven with all the skate-dates he has and i am peeping out some of my most dearly missed friends.  we are calling this our second honeymoon because we haven't had a proper vacation in um...years.  so we are jamming econo on this trip because we are just not those ones.  yet.

here is my favorite picture of my girls when they were small and we had a fun day at the woods in st. johns, shawn skated the park there and we went to proper eats.  which by the way, is totally proper.  :)  i can't wait to take lots of pics and have these new memories of our time in portland.  it will be hard to come back to sac.  it never really did feel like home to me...but home is where these two are, for real:

this teeter totter was SO SQUEEKY.  funny what you remember about special days...

i will miss ALL THE CATS (and the DOGS too...just a little though ;p).  i hope they are all happy to see us when we get back.  i love these little butthole kittens more and more every day.  all the jingle balls up and down the hall action at all hours, all the little cloth mice i step on, all the little wrappers they carry around and bat because they make that irresistible crinkle noises, when they dive for my ankles when i am trying to carry food to their food bowls.  *sigh*  i love them!

making bread on my belly.  24/7.  #catlady #porvida

next blog i will be reminiscing about portland and complaining how i am in the wrong state.  just you watch :)