Sunday, June 09, 2013

you blink your eye and a year passes

well.  hello blog!  it has literally been a year since i have taken to the blog and actually posted.  i could say i've been real busy (i have), or that the last two years of this blog made me too sad (it did) but in truth it's about a 40/60 split of both of those excuses, er i mean reasons for not updating. today i will do a very straight forward update kind of post.  i mean, it has been a year and all.

this is and has always been a personal blog.  and sometimes you lose your voice.  so there.  so what?  sometimes i need...time. lots and lots of time.

things take time to work through.  you got your finances, you got your career issues, you got your family drama, you got your health issues.  sometimes all at one time, or more insidiously just slightly overlapped, just so you don't really have time to digest and cope properly each issue.  the answer is not in a pill for me (well in the case of my thyroid yeah, a little hormone pill can do miracles! more posts on that drama to come!), but more in the battle to balance the issues at hand (because they keep coming....). try not to let one knock you over so far so you can't get up--or it takes months to weeble-wobble back into a standing position even though it looks like i'm up and about, i'm sleepwalkin'.

so today i am on the weeble of the wobble.  things are good for our family, and i have a clearer perspective on *things*.  a little time, health, a good support system & stability=the way for me.  also removing Things That Are Not So Good has improved my PMA tremendously.  like, turned it up to 11 tremendously.  distancing myself from some situations, some feelings, some memories has kept me going! 

life update:   working good hours for a small local supplement company as an office manager/PA.  it's not a vegan company so that's why i've keep it on the DL.  it has supplied me with the self-confidence and skill utilization that i needed after the shop closed and then working for wayfare & the catering company jobs.  i actually have helped this business get to a new financial level in 6 months and even though it's not my end all be all job because of the PA side of it, i am thankful for it in so many ways.  i am reminded that i can achieve some great things and am working on my ultimate goal becoming an freelance online office manager for startups who need help with their businesses.  that i know something about!  also, i will be getting certified for non-profit management and online business management.  i realized i am really good at what i do when i am allowed to do it and i am giving myself permission as of today. 

#catlady por vida

we (shawn & i) have also been doing some moonlighting as a premium overnight pet sitters, via referrals and it's been great.  we get to play with animals and get paid :)  i love helping the animals be stress free while the peoples get to vacation or get away for a few days (stress free too!).  

one of my fav chow chow, who used to be a little monsters pet care client of beth's. 

my elderly cat client who has a little problem breathing sometimes.
we also are making use of our button makers with making buttons for bands, biz, non-profits etc.  you can find that website here:

you remember from the shop yes?  of course you do.  buy some direct.

shawn is great, he works with developmentally disabled day groups and we are hoping to bring his sister with CP out to california to get some better quality care. she's great and would love to be around family, instead of where she is at. shawn is really one of the most caring people on the planet, and for that i admire him very much for what he does.  he's pretty awesome :)  we just had our 9 year wedding anniversary and in october it will be 10 years of knowing one another.  like i said he helps me with our side businesses without complaining, and still skates (por vida). i think i will keep him:
*sings* and they said it wouldn't last...

the girls are doing SO GOOD!  lyric is going into a artsy charter school that is truly more in line with our family values and her grades are good even after her horrific middle school experience at sutter and having some pain in her knees.  lucy goes to her little college prep charter and is an A+ student.  it's pretty  fucking cute!  she's awesome and we are so proud of her.  (if you recall she's high functioning on the spectrum so we get to be EXTRA proud of all our efforts with her in school and socially!)
me and my eldest making stink faces

lucy and ramona at bodega bay

i have officially turned into a cat lady.  we found a feral mama cat and her 4 babies in our garage and even though we haven't caught her yet we got the babies.  and baby kittens we have...everywhere!  we are having a hard time giving them up.  it's always been my dream to have a zillion cats but i don't know if i should try and make that a reality or not.  #catlady

maximum meeting one of the ginger kitties for the first time.  he looks...hungry.

too many kittens and there is one not in the picture!  ZOMG

so i will update more about my transitioning into online business management/self-employment as it happens and this blog will once again be my little space for my little thoughts about nothing, just like it used to be.  if you came here through googling never felt better vegan shop you can still find some stuff on my etsy shop and i will be adding vintage and more buttons to it just like the old days. *cue babs 'the way we were and....fade.

i turn 42 tomorrow, don't feel a day over 32 lol.  especially after 3 glasses of merlot and when there is a big vegan cake in front of me.