Wednesday, January 11, 2012

welcome 2012!

well we did it!  we got through the year in one piece, mostly ;p  the shop survived it's first holiday season at the new location, we met lots of new faces and were happy to see a lot of old customers wander in to shop us.  i posted our commercial to youtube, but it hasn't gone viral get to watching and pump up those views lol.

things to look forward to:

this saturday the 14th of january we are having our vegan mac-n-cheeze cookoff.  if it is anything like our previous cookoffs, it is about to get REAL SERIOUS up in here!  i hope that a lot of folks bring their grumpy omni-friends who swear they can never live without their cheese.  this may blow the top of their head clear off in cheezy joy. $2 donation encouraged!

the 29th i am planning a lazy sunday vegan book and cookbook exchange.  bring a book, take a book.  more info to come with that FB page as it's made.

on feb 4th there will be another sacramento veg fest and we will be there again with bells on.  this time, we would like to give out sheese samples again as well as information to get interest and potential members of sacramento's only vegan food coop as well.  it's in the planning stages and we are getting green lights with everyone we speak to.  if you would like more info join the group and see how you can help our effort!
our new perfect vintage wood and glass display case makes me so very happy...

the shop got a new addition of a vintage glass display case from our neighbors who moved out, and we got some new items since last post.
 local vegan, activist and crafter alison's tile pendant necklaces and pins...really nicely made! 

shop buttons--gratis

crazy rumors is the best lip balm on the planet.  for real.

vegan only food fridge magnets are a must.  2.25"

more new books and also we carry vegnews mag now!  woot!

2.25" pocket mirrors with felt and different vintage fabrics. 

calico dragon bags still in stock--wear your AR

get people thinking with these statement bags!

hadar is local--and these earthy soaps smell divine.

small but growing b&b section!

local citizen rosebud has curated a special vegan line just for us! 
i am working on getting the OLD website back up and running and scrapping the wordpress version i dislike so!  when that happens online sales will be a go and i hope either to see you in the store or online very soon!  thanks for your continued support of never felt better <3