Wednesday, January 18, 2012

nfb gets by with a little help from our friends

{i am starting a blog series with a 5 mini-interview with people who help us out here at never felt better when ever then can, and in many different ways.  i don't thank people enough probably, so i will start to remedy that starting now, in no particular order because my mind does not work like that :) }

i met miss raven while she was working at spv last year and was totally impressed with her successful vegan social day held in the spring. she has since been helping us out during busy times and at the veg fests.  i hope that she will plan an event or two here over the spring and summer as well (HI RAVEN THAT'S A HINT!)

of course, i can't forget to mention my thankfulness for her cameo in the nfb commercial which saved me from having to bumble through my own commercial.  trust me YOU'RE WELCOME.

so she was kind enough answer my questions as i grilled her about her veganism LOL and it went like this:

j: how long have you been vegan?
r: i've been eating in the spirit of veganisim since i saw some very disturbing documentaries on what actually happens to the animals we use as food. a large part of my diet is made of fresh organic fruits and veggies, because i prefer non processed foods.

j:  are your family and friends supportive of your decision to be cruelty-free?
r:  my family and most of my friends are in favor of having a cruelty-free diet.

j:  are there many vegans on your school campus?
r:  there are a few vegans at my school, but most are not. 

j:  what's the best part about being vegan?
r:   the best part is to continue to be mindful of having a diet that is sustainable and respectful to animals.

j:  5 years from now where will you be?
r:  in five years i hope to still be a part of activism for health care, economic reform, social human rights, and continue to eat in a mindful, healthy way. 

  make it so, raven!  right on.  
peace vegan warrior grrl