Sunday, December 18, 2011

vegan beauty at nfb!

we had a small class on vegan beauty last night at the shop with rae and kendy!
about 30 folks in attendance, pretty good for our little shop!

rae's handouts.  lots of info from peta...

info and raffle prize table

men and women came! 

kendy talking makeup, something she knows a lil' something about!

rae getting ready for her turn to talk

lucy sat like a big girl for both speakers, and even raised her hand to ask a question.  go lucy!

kendy wrapping it up, good job kendy!


rae is a licensed vegan skin care profesh!
 a big thank you to both speakers, all their hard work getting this presentation together and for all the great give-a-ways.  i hope we can continue having speakers, authors, and screenings that get community support like this one.  thank you and hope to see you at our vegan mac-n-cheeze cookoff next month!