Sunday, December 11, 2011

1st annual holiday vegan cookie exchange!

we had our first 2nd saturday/holiday event since re-opening, and i am happy to say it was a success!  there were SO many cookies the two tables could hardly contain them all, and they were all so delicious, it's hard to say which were my favorite.  many were GF, all were cruelty-free and all were amazing as were the bakers who prepared them.  we thank everyone for coming to hang out and shop with us.  i hope to have MANY more fun and successful events here at NFB!  cheers and happy holidays.  may 2012 really rock our vegan socks ;p

here is just a few photos of things you can find at NFB, for holiday gift giving or everyday.  there is something for everyone, just know that your purchase is supporting small business, vegans and their businesses--people who love animals just as much as you do and support themselves with their products they produce-- and animal charities we are happy to support!  we are the 99%!