Wednesday, January 05, 2011

*post book signing wrap-up*

it was a blast!  i am SO happy at the turnout {i am one of those worrywarts who are sure no one is coming even if they pinkie swore they were}!  i was worried that it would be a bust for melisser coming all they way here to sackatomatoes, but indeed she sold out of her stack of books and i had one of the very best tuesdays i have had since the store started back in sept!  viva la sacramento vegan girl!

 i am the one throwing vegan gang signs, if you couldn't gather that already.  {hey i was a bit drunk by the end of the evening, and this is what happens k!}

my thanks and undying appreciation go to miss melisser elliott, and her crew for making this a great event.  now on to the next thing!  {my wheels are have NO idea!}