Thursday, January 13, 2011

*advertising is tricky business*

advertising.  self promotion.  brand recognition.  it's all one in the same, but a graphic designer i am not and it helps when people who do this all day are on the case!  as with it is with submerge magazine's ad folks.  i got special permission to reprint i am special! {i enjoy seeing never felt better's name in lights, respectively.}

i blew it up a bit so know it's not blurry in the magazine.  SOY CURLS...believe it or not is one of our best sellers.  people love their soy curls.  {present company included, i presume.}

anyway submerge is cool to run ads in, and has gotten me quite a few customers!  they, and by they i mean josselin--she's rad btw, are going to feature a different product for me every ad so for the money they are worth their weight in gold :)  

the next venture is to utilize yelp to my advantage.  more on that to come!