Thursday, April 12, 2007

working for the weekend!

it was really stormy last night and it rains today much to my chagrin. apparently that is going to be the scene for at least a week. i hope they are wrong as they so often are! but, lets look on the bright side. i will have a LOT of time on my hands to finish this crochet custom order!!! i have two plus done and am working on number three. i can even list one of them since it wasn't in the style she ended up going with for the order by tomorrow, hopefully.

i am flooding myspace, livejournal and pretty much everywhere else with this ad hoping to drum up some weekend sales. etsy has been SLOW and there is a lot of drama on there so i am not holding my breath for any breakout sales there anytime soon! please tell a friend about never felt better!!!! :))