Tuesday, April 03, 2007

happy tuesday! ;)

more of the latest additions to the site!
the red cord bird pouch is sold, but i got so many positive comments at crafty wonderland i think i will make something similar. yesterday i sewed a new zippered vintage towel pouch but it i am unsure if i will offer it up for sale-the nylon zipper is slightly buckled. ah what the hell, i never promised perfection and it is really very slight! wonky and all it is still really cute! would you buy something with a slight defect? i would.

here is something else crafty i think i will do this week if possible: dandelion wine! there is at least two gallons of dandelions in my backyard alone. HUGE ones. i am thinking it is all about some flower hooch! i will let definitely take pictures of that process. it sounds like fun...