Monday, February 27, 2006

new stuff a comin'

i cannot wait for a couple packages i have on the way. i don't want to spoil the surprise but this stuff is pretty cool and will be great for the new site. i keep getting these updates on how it is going, by the way and it looks fabu, if i don't say so myself! it professional. so, so, pretty. i could not be happier with it so far. over the weekend i had to send in sample pictures and some details and such for the initial setup. i cannot wait for when it is under my control and up and running for real.

on bummer thing is that some dude on ebay is jerking me around with payment--thankfully i did not ship the item but i need the $$ in my paypal. crafting supplies. must have crafting supplies. this guy is a real piece of work. hmmph. we will see. he has until tomorrow to pony up the goods. :(

i can't wait to post pictures of these new items. i am really excited to offer them!