Monday, February 06, 2006

krafts, kristie and ka-raazy people

i am *this* close to convincing kristie to hop a flight up for the march fair. i could use a booth buddy and some kristie...i do have powers of persuasion. the last of the second saturday pins from sacramento will be going to cheapthrills (where she works go stalk her!) for sale, hopefully there aren't alot but just enough for the last of the last money from this sacramento sale. won't know until after this saturday, but if you are from the sacto area check it out. ya might pick up a cute little chatchki to play with. in the mean time, i am working on the cutest embroidery panel. it has my business name in cursive and some cute cherries...they are dreaming of me and have the bubble over their head with "nfb" in it. ahw. pictures to follow. oh and i am getting my camera on friday. i could shit twice and die. my real life sure is bustling for someone who doesn't have one......;)