Sunday, August 21, 2011

vegfest post wrap up and shop news

we feel really fortunate that we were invited to vegfest 2.0 and got to spread the word about our shop moving.  people, who generally were n00bs or just learning about the veg scene, were excited to learn about us and we were excited to not have to go into the why of the move etc etc.  {booooring!}  we passed out over 200 flyers and people were so gracious and kind to us we know that some of them will take the time to visit our new location.  EVERYONE is stoked on the actual coordinates, as are well.  and everyone is doing a great job at tempering my neurosis about this huge undertaking.  our customers and friends make this worth while {even if i second guess myself daily!}.

i had a camera FAIL and was pretty busy even to take phone pics but here is one of shawn talking up alex from FARM, our caddy-corner booth friend :) visit their site and friend them on facebook.  good organization with good people behind it.

my only annoyance was some booths packed up early, like THREE HOURS EARLY.  now, i will give the out-of-town food vendors a pass, it was very busy.  however, the in-town folks who just either didn't care to plan or were unable to plan for the crowds (especially those who were here at the last one and know how busy it got) would not be getting another invite from me if i were the organizers.  it's just bad festival form all around.  really, no excuses would be good enough, but hey, that's just me!  :)

shop news:
our indiegogo is still up for 11 more days!  it's been slow going but i have a feeling it's going to surpass the goal ;p  pass along the word, let people know they can help us get this new shop up and going.  every little bit helps, especially while we are not open and in complete and total limbo...
i wish i could post actual construction pix, but they are doing lead abatement (it's an ooooold building) so it's papered up.  there has been work on the outside with painting and they are redoing the awning.  some flower boxes are up, and also they are doing the signs so they all match which i am totally excited about.  i will most certainly post more pictures as i can.  i have to do the before-n-afters!  i do have a map, though.  

1910 p. st sacramento ca 95811.
 what's new for the shop?  well i am expanding on my vegan friend honor's vintage corner.  it sold so well the last month we were open on k st!  she has lot's of vintage xmas and lots more kids items i cannot wait to see it up i the shop.  

also, we will be consigning more lines:  to start vegan treewool's late summer and fall lines.  i got to see her booth at vegfest and it looks so cute merchandised i cannot wait to get my hands on it.  also, local anaapple infants and toddler line.  onesies, tee's, hats and hoodies for girls and boys with the cutest eco-felt appliques.  saw her at the festival and she said she is working hard on getting us a full line for our opening.  i have the space and people are constantly asking for more vegan kids stuff.  so here you go!  i can't wait until we open!

ps we will be the only place to buy both of these lines.  how cool is that?  i think very :)

so the upshot is i am in limbo, scared, nervous, overwhelmed and anxiety-ridden.  what else is new?  such is the life of a shop owner in today's economy!  and you know what, i wouldn't have it any other way.

this helps, as do my friends and family who support this crazy life.  love you!