Tuesday, June 21, 2011

times, they are a changin'...

ok.  so i have all but abandoned this blog until now and that's going to change.  blogs are good.  they make me happy, they are not a chore.  i haven't really had a good excuse for not updating with all the goings on so i won't try to make one up here {other than my computer died and i am lucky to be able to share shawn's for stuff like this.} let's just say that i have been having *technical difficulties*.  that's the nice way of saying i suck.

it's almost july and a lot has transpired at the shop since early spring.  mostly growing pains and learning experiences.  i scrunch my fist and shake it daily at the rut capitalism has put us in, everything takes so much money and there is A LOT to coordinate to keep things running semi-smoothly.  we have come to the conclusion that in order to stay alive in this town we need a ground level location with walk-up traffic and a whole lot of visibility.  we have learned that the people who support us may or may not be the people who try out downstairs, or the people who support downstairs may or may not be the people who support us.  it's a shame, my business plan really relied a bit too heavily on cafe customers, but it turns out perhaps a good chunk of those folks are not interested in a vegan lifestyle so much as they are to try out a vegan restaurant.  

we do have our support system in place though.  and it's a wide net of friends, loyal customers, and just good vegan folks who know that it's all cyclical and support is crucial.

SO.  our lease is up in sept, and we are scouting new locations to get some of that visibility we lack at the moment.  we are starting a kickstarter campaign to help us get a nacheez delux nacho bar and bulk up our grocery section (it's the best sellers--we heart our food, us vegan folk!). details to follow on that and how YOU can help!  it's been a tough spring but we are not quitters and we love what we do! 

this saturday my good friend beth has organized a bake sale fundraiser for us to help us over this hump!  it's being held inside phonoselect, across the street from the shop, saturday june 25th from noon to 4ish.  there are a ton of bakers, and a delicious array of vegan treats to be had.  won't you come and sample some goodies and help out your local little vegan shop?  we take cash and cards!