Tuesday, February 08, 2011

*they say the neon lights are bright*

today, as part of my yelp ad campaign, we filmed for a 90 sec spot on my business page.  i really did not want to be on camera, but they nice guy made me feel so at ease i gave it a whirl.  i hope it turns out good and i don't sound or look like an idiot!  {am not comfortable in front of a video camera}

so we have that going on which i will totally link to everywhere for you to snicker at, or for you to go "WOW WHAT A COOL SHOP".  either way, i hope you get to see it soon.  

the days have been sunnier, breezier, and generally less depressing and it's helping for we have had some challenges on our block with a dickhead neighbor who harasses me and my children any chance he gets.  he is a petty criminal with multiple felonies and apparently is ticked he is going to jail so he has decided to target me for his derision. i filed for a restraining order so we can move without being harangued, and in peace.  it's totally out of control, but i understand now that the universe is helping me understand there is something better out there for us for our home.  we have a line on a great house on the good side of stockton blvd LOL and it's a total upgrade in all ways.  plus it's closer to my favorite thrift store and right by a library.  {#winwin} more on that when there is definite news to report.  it will suffice to say i look forward to better days in our new neighborhood.
oh u-haul...you are always there when we need you.

yay for chili! 
in NFB news, we had a chili cook-off with about 70 people coming by and 11 chili's entered!  it was a tough call but we had a tie and 4 winners of great prizes, and a whole lot of fun judging.  it was such a success, we have decided to move it down to the back patio and make it a mac-n-cheeze cook-off.  one last casserole dish to wind down winter.  then tamales... :)  it was really that much fun.  thanks to all who came out.  {no pictures other than blurry camera phone ones.  camera batteries took a dump and i have vowed not to ever let that happen again, but it gets so busy i may just have to have someone else take pictures of the next event.  i get crazy being all over the place, it's almost too much!}

hope your week turns out to be a fine one, and no crazy neighbors harass you when you get your kids out of the car on the daily like me!  on to bigger and better things, right?  RIGHT.