Wednesday, December 01, 2010

*november's bounty*

i hate thanksgiving.  but boy do i love to eat the traditional {death free, natch} meal.  more recently in these adult years i have enjoyed cooking it, too.  even though my not-even-remotely-vegetarian mom led by example, i still had to find my way to veganize all those delicious and memory provoking recipes paving the way for our own family traditional vegan meal.  it's a total win when your kids look forward to your dishes and know what is in store, and also have some fundamental critical thinking skills to appreciate our choices.  is doing what's right really that hard of a choice after all?  

in the car on the ride to school this morning my youngest, lucy who is on the autism spectrum, newly 6 years old and in kindergarten says that when she grows up she is going to go tell all the farmers to care for their animals and not use them.  like the sheep, she says, that must be SO COLD when they are shaved for their wool.  she goes on to talk about winter time and how the animals must not suffer and she actually says "because it's our duty to take care of the animals ALL the time, not to use them for their meat or hair".  me and my oldest daughter just looked at each other in amazement and started cracking up when lucy then goes on to talk about kicking ronald mcdonald in the nuts  :) she probably will, too.

as i bid adieu to another november all i can say is it kicked october in the nuts!  let's see what december has in mind for us...

cherry agar agar fruit jelly with mango, bananas and dandies marshmallows

roasted brussel sprouts, green beans and carrots

vintage chicken centerpiece

it took a while but i ate the whole thing! 

that is the way