Monday, July 27, 2009

hot hot hot

ah summer. we are in it's throes here in the sacramento valley, and apparently all along the pacific north west. i don't know about you guys but my electric bill is literally on fire but *sigh*, what can you do? i know what we have done is take full advantage of local swim spots, and our proximity to the ocean! :) trust me, it helps.

along with the season, we have summer craft shows which are a little like a sado-masochistic exercise if you ask me! vending on asphalt on a "spare the air" day of triple digits is just...well, a labor or love i suppose! so far, there are two ongoing events i have done and loved a lot, and will be doing for august and september: 2nd saturday @ park your art by mcmartin reality and 3rd saturday @ design downtown put on by the sacramento news and review. look for me there if you are in the area and love supporting your local DIY/craft scene.

in other NFB news, my website got a mini-face lift and i am loving it. if you haven't gone lately, please check it out!

i have listed a new group of vintage fabric soldered pendants, along with fabric "feather" and bird headbands--cute cute! also, i plan to donate a portion of fall/winter sales to the farm sanctuary.