Friday, February 13, 2009

be mine :)

ah, valentines. what a stupid holiday. and i am happily married! in my mind it marks something more momentous...SPRING IS COMING! see, in our house, it is valentines all year round...there is a lot of love in here! we give one another extra love on the 14th for sure but it is like any other day in our world. :)

what IS new is that i have a jazzy new energy for
and with my trusty new soldering iron i have some new soldered pendants in the que. a few are posted this week and more are in line to be photographed. i made a business page for it this week on facebook, so if you are on FB please check it out and be a fan!

i plan to focus mainly on the soldered pendants this spring and am working on a type of catalog to be able to email prospective wholesale accounts to make their buying decision easier--with general colorways available, the process, and materials that i work with and some good shots of the many custom orders that have been a great hit with brides for bridal parties, thank you gifts, special orders, etc. i have some good press that i should pass along as well, that can't hurt.

oh and your homework for the week is to tell one friend about! have a great weekend!!!!!!!