Sunday, November 09, 2008


pictured: new items up now in i am contemplating doing a holiday show down in sacramento, just a couple weeks after we get down there. it is called indiesacramento and i hear it is hoping to go monthly. i think i can pull off the short notice, and i could use the extra holiday money for sure. what is also sure is that i am batshit crazy for even entertaining the idea, but still i have to give myself props for thinking i have the brass to take it on right now. my mind is over burdened with not only *regular* run of the mill life stuff, but this looming out of state move: you would think that would be enough on my plate. i take comfort in that you never get handed too much so you can't carry--and that brings me to my ailing mom. she is getting sicker and sicker as each day passes. she is not a candidate for a much anticipated and needed kidney removal, and her scans came back with more cancer, more cancer. that is pretty much that is all i have to say about that--to go into the feelings and pain we are all experiencing would take a novel.

reading, reflecting is helping me. i fully recommend a classic--death and dying by elisabeth kubler-ross. right now i am finishing death is of vital importance. that was a gift from my mother in law when my best friend passed away suddenly 5 years ago. and such a gift it really was and still proves to be :)