Thursday, September 04, 2008

life can be exhausting, sometimes.

life is busy. i mean really BUSY for me lately. news on the daily about my mom, changes in treatments-living arrangements-surgeries can really do a number on my stress level. on top of hearing all this long distance, i am trying to coordinate a major move so i don't have to hear of it long distance anymore. it is wiping me out, man! i can't seem to get enough sleep, and i feel as though my thyroid issues are becoming unmanageable. again. time for more blood work, huh?

does this get me down? nah. i am a 'live through this' now, fall to pieces later kinda gal. i still have work, the girls, appointments and NFB to juggle. if i could fast forward to the middle to the end of december i would--this would all be a fading memory and we will be settling in for a mild california winter. not bad, not bad at all :) i feel really bad for people who jam-pack their and their kids schedules with lessons for this, practice for that, school this and that...even now when things seem hectic i still get to take time to stop and smell the roses with the family. family is more important than anything right now, friends included.

on the good tip, i made what has got to be the cutest little toddler item EVER so far, listed today: a little baby version of my head scarf. i don't care if it ever sells--it is leeetle...and cute...and leeetle. i love little baby things....i can look at this every freaking day and it makes me so very happy :)