Sunday, March 05, 2006

can't sleep!

so i thought i would update alittle! the site is hopping, and thanks to referrals from here, there and everywhere i see some folks coming back to see what is new and i totally am stoked on that....i even had my first sale today! i track customers on all my sites and i see folks coming from as far as singapore--japan, i even had one from australia yesterday. it is so cool to be able to SEE who is coming to visit and from WHERE. repeat customers, even if to look usually are super cool. unless they are wierdos, but that is another story!

also i contacted the folks from crafters for critters and am hoping to be accepted to contribute some stuff. i got some new supplies coming in the mail that would be *purrrrfect* for animal causes. ha ha--goto their website to check out how you can help animals in need. there are a ton of great links and i would be so happy to get involved with such a great organization--my daughter thinks we should sponser a rescued farm animal on the sanctuary and that is not a bad idea someday soon i hope. she is not a half bad activist if i don't say so myself! :)

thanks for looking!